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My Little Pony

Susan Braithwaite Girl's Own

"I was born in Liverpool, England and raised on a large council housing estate on the outskirts. It was an area of high unemployment and subsistence living and we lived off government benefits.

The books and stories I read at this time dealt with children who would have spiffing adventures, and would generally have kindly grandparents who lived in picturesque cottages where they would spend their summer holidays, where of course the big adventure would take place. I would visit my grandparents on Sunday in another housing estate and we would spend the entire day indoors watching television, in near enough silence.

My jewellery is nostalgic for what I really wanted to experience as a child, being old kindly grandmothers with dusty attics full of treasure, countryside rambles and adventures in your Girl Guide uniform, with a bottle of pop and a scruffy dog.

So welcome to the imaginary jewellery box, where your childhood is stored, ready to be put on whenever you need it."

Susan uses nostalgia-inducing antique tins and other found objects to make her unique artwork.

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Susan Braithwaite,  Jane Downes

Saturday 11 Aug 2012 - Wednesday 5 Sep 2012

Susan Braithwaite,  Jane Downes,  Rae West

Tuesday 26 Nov 2013 - Saturday 28 Dec 2013