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Rae West On The Wing 2012

Rae's most recent works have been described as “Wistful”… they are a coming together of a number of years of painting and imagery, combining her bird and botanical work with the ‘mexicania’ crosses and sacred heart work. They are ‘buzzingly busy’ and packed full of life and colour. Each piece is a one off original. Rae describes them as, ‘painting with paper.’

They are a mix of old and new techniques; laser decoupage, crackle glazes and decorative papers. Most of the laser imagery is her own painted art or photos, with some photographic imagery from ‘Under stated’, a friend on facebook. Using these techniques she creates subtle and interesting textures and colours through the grouping and selection of images and patterns.

All works are on acid free canvas; acrylic paint with quality laser printed images, adhered down with a binder medium to give a smooth finish and then topped off with a quality UV varnish.

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Artist Exhibitions

Susan Braithwaite,  Jane Downes,  Rae West

Tuesday 26 Nov 2013 - Saturday 28 Dec 2013

Jane Downes,  Blanche Fryer,  Lilly Maetzig,  Rae West

Friday 27 Nov 2015 - Saturday 23 Jan 2016

Kate Beatty,  Sheila Brown,  Jane Downes,  Blanche Fryer,  Mike Glover,  Katrina Perano,  Janie Porter,  Rae West

Thursday 24 Nov 2016 - Wednesday 11 Jan 2017