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Llew Summers

Llewelyn Summers was born in Christchurch in 1947. He held his first exhibition in 1971 and has since exhibited regularly in both solo exhibitions and with other New Zealand artists.

A visibly challenging artist, his work has often caused controversy, but he is proud to have "bought the nude back to Christchurch". An intuitive sculptor who creates from the heart, he believes that art should be about beauty; enriching and seductive. He also believes it is the role of the artist to challenge: "if it's not challenging, then, in some way it's not new".

His interest has been primarily figurative, and is celebratory of the human form, affirming the beauty of the human body. His work also often has a more overtly religious content and has included a series of icons and shrines, as well as a commission to create 14 Stations of the Cross for the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Christchurch.

Llew works in a variety of media: wood, bronze, concrete, clay, marble and cast glass. His works range in size from very large (more than two metres in height) to smal-scale pieces.

Llew's work is held in private collections both in New Zealand and overseas, and in public spaces throughout New Zealand.

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