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Lilly Maetzig

Lilly Maetzig is an emerging artist based in Christchurch. She graduated from CPIT in 2013 with a Bachelor of Design with a major in Visual Arts.

She draws with a sewing machine onto water soluble fabric. She makes a base of thread, which allows her to apply layers of cotton to make up an image. Although her work seems very fragile, her repeated stitch creates a surprising amount of strength in each piece. Lilly won The Drawing Room award for traditional media with her piece, xx, in 2013.

There are a wide range of themes that influence her work. A main theme is the idea of embroidery itself; taking elements from the traditional craft and moving it into a more contemporary context. Flowers are often seen in traditional cross stitch and hoop work, and are used to create a pleasant and visually appealing piece. Lilly then brings themes such as gender roles, motherhood, genetics and light-hearted tales to add to what embroidery already means.

The subject of Lilly's work is always drawn from nature, where she investigates what a plant might mean, or will playfully reflect natures own work. She draws inspiration from Victorian wallpapers, traditional flower arrangements, and in some of her recent works will take a belief which is based around a particular plant and illustrate it in a light-hearted way. 

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Lilly Maetzig

Friday 5 Sep 2014 - Tuesday 30 Sep 2014

Jane Downes,  Blanche Fryer,  Lilly Maetzig,  Rae West

Friday 27 Nov 2015 - Saturday 23 Jan 2016