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From the popular Kiwiana beauty of "Wahine" to the dour victorian morbidity of "Boogieman" Ngati Pakeha Inks have been "a wonderful journey into what it might mean to be Pakeha" says Lester. Describing himself a long time outsider artist who also positions himself as a social commentator on the evolving identity of Aotearoa.  Lester uses his Ngati Pakeha prints to invite all New Zealanders to come with him into this discussion.

The depth of his conversation, as to what it is to be Pakeha is not found in any other popular NZ artists conversation.  "Cognizant understanding of the possibility of unity in "The Third Space" is what Aotearoaland is about.

"There is no place for "contempt before investigation" in a sound cultural philosophy". Provocative, intelligent, investigative prints from a Pakeha man on 21st century New Zealand’s cultural, philosophical, racial landscape. 

Born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1956, a self supporting through artist for the last twenty years. Lester painted and studied New Zealand history and Maori/European/Pacific centric artwork all of that time.  Working as a design and display technician with the most extensive and important collection of Maori and Pacific artifacts in the World at the Auckland Institute and Museum.

Typically, to retain autonomy of expression his inks are printed in house by him and are often subject to change so fall outside the usual restrictions that numbering and collating create.


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Anna Church,  Lester Hall

Friday 5 Oct 2012 - Wednesday 31 Oct 2012