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Josh Bashford Sole Extraction

A keen fisherman, Bashford says he likes to spend time on the peninsula and the Kaikoura coast. Like his peers, he is keen to return home with a cray for the big pot, a few glistening fish or a great tale of struggle with ‘the one that got away,’ but this young artist also brings back images to help develop new ideas.  

“My work is heavily inspired by the landscapes I pass through especially around the waters of Lakes Forsyth and Ellesmere. I have grown up around these lakes, fishing in the local river and have spent hours waiting, watching the changes of light and movement, miles away in thought,” says Bashford.

Carved into MDF, and pressed through rollers slathered in ink, Bashford’s mesmerising visions are revealed.

Teeming with life, masses of light and dark grooves riot across his canvases.

It’s easy to become immersed in these pulsing lines, finding a fluid grace within the detail, and to feel like slipping into a meditative space.

Working full-time as an artist is not something many recent graduates can lay claim to and in the past year Bashford has not only created works for other exhibitions but has built his own studio and invested in a huge artists etching press.

Crafted by local Christchurch company, Manuka Machines, he is clearly excited about this investment in his future and says there are very few presses in the country able to print 1200mm wide.


For his exhibition Sole Extraction Bashford has created four large works on canvas and a collection of prints on paper.

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Josh Bashford

Saturday 14 Jul 2012 - Wednesday 8 Aug 2012

Josh Bashford

Thursday 13 Feb 2014 - Wednesday 12 Mar 2014

Josh Bashford

Saturday 8 Jul 2017 - Wednesday 2 Aug 2017