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Josh Bashford Home, Sea & Between

The imagery in Josh Bashford’s new body of work was inspired by last summer’s early morning and late evening fishing adventures. Adventures such as heading 40km offshore to fish for Groper off Banks Peninsula, or ducking down to Birdlings Flat for a relaxing evening surf casting on the beach, fishing the Rakaia River or Hurunui river mouth early morning for the elusive Chinook salmon. 

These places are of great significance for Josh Bashford. They provide him with not only a harvest of fresh kai for friends and family, but also the visual material for his art making. 

This visual material is sometimes captured on a GoPro camera, but more often it's caught by simply being physically present in these very special places.  It's the way a bird may move through the air, a sudden glimpse of a fish breaching, or the excitement of hundreds of birds and kahawai chasing after small bait fish along the beach. All this strong imagery settles itself in Josh’s mind and has allowed him to produce this new body of limited edition woodcut prints on canvas. 

Josh Bashford graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Honours from the University of Canterbury in 2012. Since graduating Josh has been working as a full-time artist in his home studio in Little River and has exhibited regularly in both solo and group shows. Josh was mentored by senior Pacific artist Fatu Feu’u and they have exhibited together in Canterbury, Picton, Auckland and Samoa. Josh also volunteers as a youth worker and has been an arts mentor and tutor for the Tautai Trust’s ‘Fresh Horizon’ workshops, where he’s taught hands-on drawing, woodblock and printmaking techniques to high school students.  

Josh’s highly expressive prints explore subjects from his local environment of Little River, including birds, fish, land and sea forms. Josh’s faith, including Christian themes and symbolism also feature strongly in his work, this is evident in prints such as ‘Faith and Fanua’, 2016. He frequently employs a monochrome or limited colour palette, which highlights the patterned nature of his works. Josh draws from a range of sources to create his images, including art books and magazines, family photographs and online sources. He is also a keen observer of his environment, he has said "My work is heavily inspired by the landscapes I pass through especially around the waters of Lakes Forsyth and Ellesmere. I have grown up around these lakes, fishing in the local river and have spent hours waiting, watching the changes of light and movement, miles away in thought." 

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Josh Bashford

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Josh Bashford

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Josh Bashford

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