Artist: Jane Downes

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Jane Downes Natural Order

My site specific sculptures and installations are structural yet delicate, combining geometric, abstract and natural forms. They are constructed rather than carved using industrial, domestic, recycled and found materials.

My exploration of form seeks the point where nature, culture and the domestic meet with science, industry and engineering by crossing the boundaries between human and organic forms, architectural and domestic scales, permanence and the ephemeral.

My work seeks to challenge our preconception and purpose and beauty, valuable and lowly, masculine and feminine.

I see my work as a celebration of heart and mind questioning societies values of absolutes by embracing diversity, continuums and synergy.

I seek to actively involve my viewer from interactive or wearable through to challenging and untouchable.

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Artist Exhibitions

Susan Braithwaite,  Jane Downes

Saturday 11 Aug 2012 - Wednesday 5 Sep 2012

Susan Braithwaite,  Jane Downes,  Rae West

Tuesday 26 Nov 2013 - Saturday 28 Dec 2013

Jane Downes,  Blanche Fryer,  David Lloyd,  Don Service

Friday 28 Nov 2014 - Wednesday 18 Feb 2015