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Debra Fallowfield

Debra spent many years in Sydney and London studying the art form. Returning to New Zealand in 1997 she quickly gained a reputation as the "new kid on the block" with a style and a "no nonsense" attitude that differed greatly from what was on offer from other jewellers at the time. Her work is now sought after worldwide and favoured by celebrities, including Tilda Swinton, head actress in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", Andrew Adamson, director of Shrek, the All Blacks and many others.

Her work has been featured in such heavy weight publications such as BLACK, URBIS, LINO, MINDFOOD, VIVA, and SUNDAY magazine to name but a few.

"The beauty about Debra Fallowfield’s jewellery is you know it is solely her that has created each piece from start to finish-no gimmicks, no "team”, no sending designs offshore to be constructed, in turn it is her heart and soul and goddamn hard work that makes this jewellery so unique - 100 miles away from the mass produced majority!"

Signature pieces include bold "one of a kind" wedding bands in gold, set with diamonds or stones, wide, solid bangles with inspiring inscriptions and anything that pushes the boundaries of traditional jewellery. Inspiration for her work is as varied as her designs, Ancient civilisations, architecture, skate and dance culture - "I get a lot from everyday life-symbols, logo's, fashion what's on the street, urban decay as much as from New Zealand's vast and diverse landscape."

In 2010 Debra’s world came crashing down (literally) and she lost her studio/gallery with much of her tools in Christchurch’s devastating Feb 22nd Earthquake-however she was incredibly lucky not to have lost her life.

Despite this her determination to carry on creating saw her husband construct a small studio area out the back off their villa in Dunedin, this is currently where she produces all her work.

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