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Craig Fletcher

The proof is in the pudding but the truth is in the clay. Earth and metal; silver and mud. The geology of karst and the forgefires of Hephaestus smoke pencil and brush in the hand of master sculptor Craig Fletcher to glean whimsy in a silver ring and the song of the salt sea in a gilded circlet. Born in the emerald dales of Derbyshire, England, on the cusp of the Swinging Sixties, twenty-six years of alchemy,freeing the flight and form of flora and fauna from the base materials of that we daily walk upon, has taken him through Western Australia, back to England, and finally to New Zealand; from jewelled isles to the land of the Lord of the Rings.

Low-relief in ceramic and bronze have been his métier since 1991, fine slices of life lifted from the page, drawn from the slab to stand, alone and - it feels – alive, in second life. Artichokes, silver birches, pebble beaches and garden life, elegant nudes and undersea passion, Craig sees the world with the close-up surprise of one who fashions it with his own hands, then brings it from fired, ghost white clay to jewel-like life with watercolour patinas and, occasionally, gold leaf.

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