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Ben Reid Southern Journey


Ben is exploring issues to do with New Zealand's environment. In particular the factors that have contributed to the recent massive changes in the balance and make up of our unique and fragile ecosystem. In several of his works Ben is interested in how the introduction and arrival of predators like rats, stoats, ferrets and cats has pushed the defenceless native Stitchbird to the brink of extinction.
Techniques used are emboss, woodcut and drypoint printing, monoprint, collagraph and silkscreen on paper.

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Ben Reid

Friday 17 May 2013 - Wednesday 12 Jun 2013

Anna Dalzell,  Ben Reid

Thursday 7 Aug 2014 - Wednesday 3 Sep 2014

Ben Reid,  Tim Wraight

Wednesday 3 Aug 2016 - Wednesday 31 Aug 2016