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Unique NZ Art at Little River Gallery

Mirage-like, the Little River Gallery appears on the horizon, a welcome sight for the traveller on Highway 75, the route to Akaroa, the tourists Mecca.

The sophisticated rural architecture gives a clue to the passer-by there is more than meets the casual eye here. Step inside and you’re greeted by a riot of colour, shape and texture. There is such a range of art, it takes for even the fleeting observer, time enough for the busy café next door to prepare your food and coffee. An amazing range of tasteful, quality and 100% New Zealand made mementos and nostalgic keepsakes to conjure up the uniqueness of New Zealand and Maori culture.

Deeper into the gallery the art takes a turn to more specialised media; oil on canvas, bronze, cast glass. Here you will find yourself eye to eye with original fine artwork from some of New Zealand’s pre-eminent artists.